Jon Stahn

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Jon Stahn is educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2003.

Artist Statement.

Like a creative and artistic explosion Jon Stahn bases his work on ideas developed through his untiring interest in the world that surrounds him.

These ideas have become an enormous quantity of experiences, stories and tales which he has come across in the city, in fictional literature, news media, etc. and which he samples and communicates through art using an intense and often lurid imagery.

His interest in the living life that surrounds him is reflected in his works, whose basis is often the human body frequently using himself as a model in all kinds of portraits of the artist, often exposed to self-ironic reflection. For, as he puts it himself, ”I would rather expose myself than humiliate others”.

Jon Stahn works according to a new-conceptual strategy in which the medium, the expression and the material are not selected until the idea for a project is born. This way the scope of Jon Stahn’s artistic practice is extensive and it spans from sculpture to graphics and from painting to video and installation.

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Mixed: ink, pencil & watercolor – 4 pieces.

Unnamed 1, 2 & 3: 15 inch x 10,5 inch – NRP 25,000 pr piece incl frame

Unnamed 3 & 4: 19,5 inch x 13 inch – NRP 30,000 pr piece incl frame

Jon Stahn (3)

Unnamed 1

Jon Stahn (4)

Unnamed 2

Jon Stahn (2)

Unnamed 3

Jon Stahn (5)

Unnamed 4

Jon Stahn (6)

Unnamed 5


6 inch x 4 inch – NRP 5,000 incl frame

Jon Stahn (1)

He Ate the Smell of the soup – Paid with the sound of money