This invitation was not easy to write

Not so much because of the art. And definitely not because of the photographer either. But every time we started working on describing our new exhibition, too many questions popped up.

What do we call the ‘it’? It most certainly has something to do with photo art. But what is the genre? Is it manipulated photography? Or is it photo collages? Or?

Digging deeper into the photographer’s works didn’t help. There were too many too excellent to comprehend.

And getting closer to the photographer during the work with the exhibition didn’t help us either.

Then… magic happened. The photographer met a friend of ours – a friend that happened to be an artist and photographer himself. And artists obviously have their own language –after their meeting they came up with a name… Tinted Glory.

WTF did Tinted Glory mean?

Then I remembered. Only a month ago I read something similar.

it accomplishes his long-stated goal of changing the mood and feel of a room, tinting the atmosphere…
Pitchfork’s – Nov 6, 2012, about Brian Eno’s release: Lux

And that’s exactly what this is Rosemary Selow does in her works. She change, influence, alternate, manipulate, color or simply TINT. Not only her photography. She TINTS the life of all of us who see her strolling down Lazimpat Rd. with her colorful and stylish presence – or GLORY.

The 18 works we show at Tings ‘are’ only fragments of Rosemary Selow’s real art: The art of living.

Lazimpat, March 2013