Art@Tings – for the first time in Lisbon.

When we started Tings in Kathmandu back in 2010 we found the local art scene exciting. But after a year we realized that most of the art and culture around us was rather boring.

Instead of just doing nothing we established the virtual and international art platform Tings Art  (former Art@Tings) and got involved in the art scene.

The art scene in Lisbon is completely different. It’s vibrant and international and – opposite Nepal – with a centuries old history. We see fantastic art everywhere.

Still we feel we can make a difference.

And when we get the possibility, we do it. Like when we met Bacco Artolini –

In February 2016 he opened his Creation & Compulsion exhibition – our first art project at Tings Lisbon. A very commercially successful event and a very enthusiastic crowd.

Behind the exhibition

Bacco Artolini (aka Bacco) born in Ravenna on May 5th, 1988

Already in his childhood Bacco showed the world his visual art skills, painting in particular.

After graduating from the High School in Ravenna, he study Natural Sciences at Bologna University – an obvious choice when you know Bacco’s curiosity to unravel the mystery behind every life mechanism, through the knowledge of the natural processes that transmit life.

During the university years in Bologna Bacchus Artolini took his arts further by using different painting techniques, including tempera, watercolours, oils and acrylics, achieving excellent results and even some notoriety within the university.


Colour, motion and research are the connotative words behind the stylistic technique, that distinguishes Bacchus Artolini.

The exercise of the design is crucial in his artistic process and leads him to gain full mastery of figurative expression, dynamic and decisive, which flows into the narrative solutions of surreal and fantastic character. His art is energetic, polychrome, hitting and biting, bearer of corporal and spiritual metamorphosis mergers.



Read more about Bacco Artolini here



Hi Thomas and Annette,

i’m a painter from Italy, living in Lisbon from september.
I found your blog and i complitely agree with you about the miradour, that is so beautiful and so generous at sunset time.
I’m doing an art project by miself, working my rooom, collecting peaces of wood from the garbage-street and painting it.
But is not easy to meet people who like art and people who can give you suggestions about this city
I saw your pictures and you seems very nice and familiar 🙂
You can see enclosed my portfolio and here my Facebook page
I hope you will like it
bye, have a nice day



Mail from Bacco, 12. November 2015


In November 2015 Bacco mailed us

Our very early blog posts for Tings Lisbon reached Bacco’s attention and got him curious. Instead of just ‘wondering’ what Tings was about – he texted us.

We were in Kathmandu at that time, but back in Lisbon the following week we met and showed Bacco our house in Rua da Senhora do Monte. The house is old and dilapidated and far from the Lounge and Guest House/Hotel we will open later. But for Bacco, who at that time created his art in the room he shares with a friend, it was paradise.

When we saw his fascination for our upcoming place we spontaneously handed over the key to him.

Since then Bacco has created a lot of art from trash he has collected around Graça. And we love it.

Annette & Thomas Tingstrup