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It was no secret to anyone who came across him in song or life, that Gil Scott-Heron was two things: A genius and a junkie.

I say this so simply, because Gil was this clear about everything he ever said to me.

Michal Franti’s goodbuy to hos hero, mentor, and friend Gil Scott-Heron.


Poze doesn’t know it. But it was Michael Franti that introduced me to Gil Scott-Heron-

It was back in the 90’ies when we worked with Spearheads fantastic album Home – to many people an easier album compared to his Disposable Heroes’ releases. But that’s another story.

I haven’t heard Gil for a very long time. And if it wasn’t for Poze’s aka Yann’s Poze’essedByLetters@Tings I’m almost 100 % sure that I would have taken a while before I’d pick up his music up again. It’s Gil’s portrait on the invitation… that’s why this music talk.… so now you know how he looks.

I know there are a lot of you out there who don’t know what I’m talking about. So I’ve decided to upload a few tracks on the block… in case you are curious.

The show is not about Gil – but his music is everywhere around it – if you listen you’ll know what I mean.

So don’t blame me if you don’t now about Gil’s music after the exhibition.

And maybe I also post tracks by other artist from Gil’s universe: Michael Franti, Marvin Gaye, Solomon Burke, D’Angelo…. 



Live VideoPerformance from the opening