Bacco Artolini

Bacco Artolini was born in Ravenna on May 5th, 1988

Bacco in Action (3)

Already in childhood he showed a remarkable disposition for visual arts, painting in particular.

After graduating in scientific studies from the High School of Ravenna, he begins studying at the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Bologna.

Behind this choice lurks the curiosity to reveal – through knowledge of the natural processes that pass on life – the mystery behind every vital mechanism.

During this period Bacco Artolini expands his artistic experimentation in Bologna, using different painting techniques, including tempera, watercolors, oils and acrylics, achieving excellent results and even some notoriety within the university.

After the first group exhibitions for young amateurs, he works abroad with different environmental groups – including the Atlantic Whale Foundation in the Canary Islands (2011) and the Pacuare Nature in Costa Rica (2012) – who promote their names and activities through the sale of his artwork.


“With the free and expressive pictorial language and a strong introspective ability, Bacco translates to his canvases the effects of the frustration into which the social conventions of our time reduce man, directing the public towards a more conscious dialogue and comparison with their own instincts and intimacy”

By Elena Gollini – art curator and journalist, Spoleto Arte




Painting with saturated and vivid colors Bacco efficiently express his moods

The paintings invite the viewer to a celebration of emotions in which signs, lines and shapes are visual metaphors that become drivers of an instantaneous travel to the deeps of the human soul.

In the paintings of the recent years his favourite subjects – exotic or frequently anthropomorphic looking animals – subside in surreal, dissonant, dreamlike contexts, in which spaces and figures often appear dilated and deformed in unusual perspectives, swinging between the imagery of the dream and the childlike, presenting a world that appears suspended in a bubble of exuberant colours, where madness is on the agenda, and the logic is obscured by the imagination.


you can’t stop the compulsion Bacco Artolini 6.2.2016

You can’t stop the compulsion. Bacco Artolini 6.2.2016




Bacco Artilino at Spoleto incontra Venizia, 2014


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