// DISSOLUTION by Stephen Freiheit //

Stephen Freiheit - Dissolution



Exhibition of paintings, monotypes and prints by Stephen Freiheit at Tings Hotel & Tea Lunge

Opening reception April 11: DETAILS TO BE ANNOUNCED!

Stephen Freiheit is an established photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After studying at the Czech film school Freiheit has worked intensively with photography, both in the fashion – portrait and documentary fields for the past 20 years and has a deep interest in social perspectives, both within art and photography. He and project manager Thomas Kurek have over the last 8 years taught photography and documentary film production to Nepalese youth, so Freiheit has been a frequent visitor to Nepal.

Freiheit´s work is well-known, he exhibited in various Danish and international galleries, in Denmark in the leading national gallery in Copenhagen, Charlottenborg, in the renowned Christian Dam Gallery, in Photographic Centre a.o. Internationally Freiheit exhibited his photographic work in Spain, China, Germany a.o.

In his early twenties, Freiheit decided to become a painter and moved to Amsterdam, where he established a studio in a former factory building. His great interest in art and painting took a new turn when he became acquainted with the European Dadaist movement and their absurd way of relating to the world through art with strong political perspectives. He then decided to become a photographer.

Now, for the first time ever, Freiheit exhibits other artwork than his photographs and leads the spectator into a world of twisted portraits and artistic expressions that are directly linked up with our unconscious perception of each other, impressions that we usually don´t like to display or even talk about.

The DISSOLUTION solo exhibition will be the first that Stephen Freiheit has ever presented working within genres of painting, monotypes, print, etc. To Stephen Freiheit it seems quite natural to premier his first solo exhibition in Kathmandu, which he sees as his second home.

DISSOLUTION can be experienced from April 11 to 25th at Tings Hotel & Tea Lounge in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. Subsequently the exhibition is to be shown in Seoul, South Korea, and then in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Attached artwork and photo are free to be published with articles relating to the exhibition

For further information and images please contact: Tings Art