In 2011 we got involved in the local Kathmandu Jazz scene for the first time… as we don’t have facilities for live music instead we worked on increasing the Nepalese audience’s jazz knowledge based on the principle: You have to know to go…

We arranged two projects.

First: JazzLegends@Tings and second: JazzForDummies – an online Jazz lecture.

The first was a huge  fiasco. The latter a HUGE success AND the first time we could measure how efficient music is to attract hits, segment guests, attract viewers and more important CREATE business.

The spontaneous idea turned out to generate a huge traffic to Tingsblog.

From now on music is an integrated part of our marketing – and one of the services we help others with.

Our insight in music-as-marketing we share with others. For free if the cause is good and for a consultancy fee if its a commercial project.