NEPAL NIGHT: 01.2012 cph


Nepal Nights Cinemateket.jpg

KIMFF in Denmark in January 2012

On the 6th January the first Nepali movie gala event was held ever in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sick City, KIMFF 2010 winner of the Nepal panorama will be the main feature at the Danish Film institute’s Cinema Cínemateket. Other two Nepali chosen from the Nepal panorama section of this KIMFF 2012 was shown as well..

The evening was different from other similar movie nights. It was Friday and down town. So Cinimateket was spice op the screening with cocktails, canapees, top DJ’s and a dedicated crowd.

Torsten Hvas and Art@Tings were the organizers behind this event.


Art@Tings comments:

The movie industry will not revolutionize Nepal. We know that! But handled the right way an event like KIMFF can profile Nepal in a different way and attract new travelers, new business partners etc.

Nepal is a lot more that the peaks, pujas, poverty and political problems you always hear about whenever Nepal is in the media.

Nepal has a much broader audience than the cheap skating backpackers and/or the mountain freaks that would travel to Africa if the Himalayas were there….


Nobody tells the outside world about all the things we feel is worth telling about Nepal – all the things that attracts our friends…. That’s why we involve our selves in promoting Nepali movies and KIMFF.

By creating the right program and give it a funky packaging you can use the movie industry (and other cultural events) to present a whole new side of Nepal and attract a whole new and commercially more attractive audience.

That’s exactly what we did with the Nepal Night at Cinemateket in Copenhagen.

The Nepal Night was a commercial as well as PR success. Cinemateket was sold out (80 people couldn’t get tickets) and Sick City and Nepal got exposed in: Jyllands Posten, Information, DR P1, DR P1 Filmland, Radio 24/7 and TV2News to name a few.