More Than Music – Jens Lysdal

Welcome to an evening with Jens Lysdal and more…

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We call the evening More Than Music because it’s so much more…

Not only is Jens Lysdal a good friend, excellent musician and composer.  We also have two very important things in common.

Like us – Jens is in love with Portugal.

And like us Jens is concerned about the world we’re living in – the world we’re passing on to the next generations.

Jens has succeeded in combining the two things in his collaboration with Portuguese graphic designer & artist Sonia Nisa.

Check out  Time Video about oil, war and climate change

“Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced” – James Baldwin

More than Music

Lisbon are the Trams. #28 is 2 minutes from our hotel in GracaA year ago we heard about the Time project.

We loved it right away. Not only is Jens’ composition a super song. The message stands out because of Sonia’s powerful graphic visual universe that surrounds it.

Next week Jens is coming to Portugal to play some concerts.

Of course! we said – when asked asked if he could come by Tings and play some songs. We are curious to hear more about his project and know that he can’t keep quiet. And to see Sonia’s graphics on our wall’s – Of course, she said when we called her and asked if she wanted to join 🙂

So Friday the 20.10.2017 will be an evening at Tings Lisbon with More Than Music.


Annette & Thomas

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Nationally and internationally Jens Lysdal has received tremendous reviews and is regarded one of the best Scandinavian top guitar players. His list of musicians and projects he has been involved with are long – read more here

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