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‘Take No Prisoners’ originally meant: to kill all opponents in a battle.

However, the phrase is also used commonly to mean:

to do whatever you can to win

For instance, when you take no prisoners in the business world, you will lie,
cheat and steal to get ahead of the competition.


The pre-hype


When we decided to go for the show we didn’t didn’t have a name – and we didn’t even  know what to exhibit..

But we know the artists – and they are very talented. And the talented ones we have dreamed of working with since our first idea about doing-something-with-local-artists  appeared.

And they are young and passionate… yet.


Why we gave it this working title.

It just appeared one morning when I decided to post the news on this blog. The only things we really knew about the show was the brief we gave them:

No themes! Be Good, Be Creative, Only works that haven’t been exhibited before, Make only the BEST you can come up with… And use all means to get where ever you want to reach…you decide!

Why posting something we don’t know about?

Good question!

But this situation is unique. Normally we get introduced to works that are more or less finished or have a clear direction.

The up-coming show involves 7 different young artists with different background and experience, working with different formats, media and techniques.

When we met with them the first time we only saw things they have done. Not a single piece of the things they are working on for our show. But when each of them talked about what they have in mind we got this feeling of witnessing something really special…  How often do you get an insight in 7 artists creativity?

So before we parted everyone promised to forward bits and pieces of his/her progress – ‘things’ we’ll post on the blog to give those who are interested a chance to follow the process…


How dare you publish something you don’t know about? What if the output will be bad art?

We’re really exited and thrilled to follow the process. Update about the artists will follow soon.


AND NOW WE HAVE A NAME. We call it NoNameNoThemeJustArt.

That’s what it’s all about…. Art

More to come