The Lemmerz Collection.

The ultimate pashmina in the hands of one of the best contemporary artist in Europe – Christian Lemmerz.

The collection is a collaboration with Gallery Claus Christensen and Christian Lemmerz

It’s extravagant, it’s expensive and it’s beautiful. Like the food Claus make in his fantastic Restaurant in Copenhagen and the Art Christian makes.

And why do we make this. A lot of people dream of making projects like this but can’t. We dream of making it and can. That’s why.

The collection is very limited. Each of the 3 pieces is made in 25 pieces only and sold through Gallery Claus Christensen directly.

The collection consists from the following pieces:

Sort Valmue

Sorte Rose

A Rose is a Rose is a Black Rose

Prize: 7.500 DKR excl. VAT