Tings Art is a virtual ArtConsultancy company created and nestled by Annette & Thomas Tingstrup.

Annette & Thomas both have a background from the business world with 25 years experience in business strategy, communication and advertising.

Art@Tings has no employees. Thomas is the initiator & networker. Annette is the concept & brand guardian.

All other aspects & disciplines of art & communication are handled by resources from our huge international network that includes artists, actors, musicians, designers, IT Nerds, promoters, management, Chefs ao.


We do not have an office, we have no office hours and don’t get salaries.

Our costs are LOW – this give us the freedom we need to perform. The freedom to travel (currently we travel a lot between Kathmandu and Lisbon), and the freedom to work with projects without getting payed.


We work with all kinds of art… including the art of life. BUT we only work with projects we LOVE.

Thomas loves music & food. Annette loves fashion & design. We both love art, literature, movies, traveling & PEOPLE.

If an idea or project thrills us we get involved. BUT ONLY if we feel we can make a difference.