Limbo Copenhagen to Limbo Nepal.


Pop Up Art Event in Kathmandu in February

Performance Artist and Art Space owner Sophus Ritto has been in town since 2 February where he has been setting up Limbo Kathmandu art space.

We’ve tried to write a bio // press release about his project. But it turned out to be too complicated. Every time we got facts written down new questions popped up.

We decided to interview him. After all – its him who has the questions.

Art@Tings, 15 February 2015


Ses I Limbo


//?// Tell me Sophus what exactly is Limbo?

//!// Limbo is an art venue in the heart of Copenhagen. But although Limbo sometimes functions as such it’s NOT a gallery. It’s more like a space where people create, express and exchange ideas, visions, projects and energy. A lot of people ‘just’ hang out. It’s from this I get my inspiration and create my art.


//?// A little more specific please…

//!// A lot of good ideas and projects die before they are born. Mostly because they are overshadowed by money issues and practicalities. It’s easy to come up with all the excuses for not doing things – which is sad and shouldn’t be like that. Limbo is a about working methods and working process – something I understand they don’t teach you at the Academy.

Look at all the possibilities that surrounds you, see all the materials you have right in front of you – and for free. And if you look at your friends. I’m sure you’ll find a lot who will be happy to get involved and help with whatever they can. Focus on that, and DO things – it’s that kind of process I’m talking about.

I know that everybody tells you the opposite. That spaces are hard to find, that you need permissions, that the bureaucracy is killing you, that things take time and all the usual stuff you hear.

I arrived on the 2nd February and met up with Aditya Aryal (aka Sadhu X). The energy was there right away. We roamed around town for a couple of days searching for space and materials. Today – after less than two weeks – the creativity is mushrooming with art and energy.


//?// In what ways?

//!// In all ways – Shraddha Shrestha, Sudeep Balla have joined us. So has Tshering Sherpa (aka GnireshT) who provides groves and beats. Now Limbo Nepal is a team. We also have a small audience of curious art lovers that just come by… it’s the same with the press. The first media is already on the project. It is as if all the usual challenges solve themselves.

Take our venue.

I mostly focus on installations and performances which sometimes can be a little complicated because you need space. But even that was easily solved. The guys at the new Tangalwoods not only loved our thoughts and ideas – they wanted to join the project and gave us access to the 200 sqm huge attic that is Limbo Nepal. The guys already do concerts, manage music events and a lot of other stuff. That whole area is made for creativity. Watch out for this new HUB in town.


//?// What do you mean?  

//!// I mean that the settings that surrounds you is defined by people. If they are open and curious things just happen. And that’s what the Tangalwood guys are – open and curious. So as soon as we got settled and threw all the junk we’ve been gathering in junkyards and marked places around Kathmandu on the floor art started growing.


//?// Why Kathmandu?

//!// My friend Thomas have worked with art and culture all over the world for more than 30 years. He and his wife have created Tings Tea Lounge in Lazimpat and use their art passion to get involved in the local Art scene through their art set up Art@Tings. They came to one of my openings at Limbo in Copenhagen and loved it. So from there it was really just to open our calendars and fix a date. Art@Tings’  everything-is-possible-attitude and their unconditional support and dedication is what ignited the whole project.


//?// After two weeks now – do you have something you want to say to people?

//I// Not really – except one thing. Our ‘big’ event will be on the 27 February. But don’t wait for that. Limbo is very process oriented so everybody is welcome to drop by at anytime  – a lot of people already do. — even though we don’t have permanent opening hours.

One more thing – check out Joseph Beuys, Richard Serra, Sarah Lucas, Franz West, Vienna Actionism for inspiration…


Ses I Limbo


The big opening of Limbo Nepal will be on the 27 February – but if you are in the neighborhood drop by and check it out.  Feel free to bring a drink from The Attic – we have music.

More infos and interviews to be published soon.



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Sophus Ritto get inspired by

Joseph Beuys

Richard Serra

Sarah Lucas

Franz West

Vienna Actionism