Have been chatting with Veerangana Solanki – she loves LimboNepal

Two days ago Veerangana Solanki came by LimboNepal.

Vee was headlining Siddharta Art Gallery’s workshop: INTRODUCTION TO CURATING WITH VEERANGANA SOLANKI

To day she left Kathmandu – she was actually at the airport at the same time as us – but in a different part of the airport. So we couldn’t talk face to face. In stead we chatted… via Facebook.

She liked what she saw at our LimboNepal art space in Tangal…

“it was lovely to meet you and also to see the space – I think it’s amazing to develop a dialogue between these two cultures, we did speak with Sophus about his experience here and the interaction with the other artists. It’s a shame I’ll miss the opening on Friday, since I’m leaving for India in a few hours – but I will follow what’s happening on your blog….”