Creation & Compulsion by Bacco Artolini at Tings Lisbon

On Friday February 26th we open Creation & Compulsion by Bacco Artolini at Tings Lisbon in Graça



We don’t like empty houses. They get sad if they are not used.

Tings Lisbon is not open yet. The plans for the reconstruction into the future Tings (Tea Lounge & Hotel/Guest house) has just been approved, so the workers will soon take over the house and start rebuilding.

Until that happens we will use the space to show the works of Bacco Artolini.

When – back in November – we saw Bacco’s fantastic works, we couldn’t help it. We had to show Lisbon his art. We had the empty spacious house in Graça only waiting for a final GO from the municipality to renovate and rebuild.

Why not use it!

So Bacco Artolini has been creating art there since November when he got the keys to our House in Rua da Senhora do Monte – the future Tings Lisbon.

On February 26th  he is ready to show his exhibition.

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