The Nepal Now Project interviews MZN Shrawan


The Nepal Now Project met MZN Shrawan during the opening of his Follow The Frogs exhibition at Tings Kathmandu, in Nepal.

TNNP: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
MZN S:The best pieces of advice I have been given is do work continuously, to just create art and do exhibitions. This advice was given by my brother, Thomas and Annette.


For many years we could spend hours thinking about what to say when people asked us about our opinion.

Most of the time our advises and solutions were intellectual and sometimes unclear and confusing… but they sounded good.

Being older and more experienced things are easier. We think less and follow our feelings and intuitions. Now our advises are honest and obvious – and sometimes even banal.

In turn they don’t sound as good as they did before…  like the advice we gave MZN Shrawan.

Life is sometimes strange


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