ReConceptions of Jazz: EDM vs Jazz


Why don’t we do what we like in Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Bangkok and all our favorite cities?

Opposite whats happening on the Nepalese music scene – mostly western pop/rock from the 80’ties and 90’ties – we suggested Tuborg Brewery to make a more cutting edge festival with the kind of music we like in almost all cities around the world.

They liked the idea and supported the project.

ReConceptions Of Jazz  was a ground breaking and never-seen-before event with 18 free concerts, scattered around Kathmandu, with international Jazz and DJ acts performing in the grey zone between Jazz and Electronica.


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Beside music ReConceptions Of Jazz included Open Table where DJ’s passing by could improvise, editorial content for leading newspapers and magazines, on-line radio station, street art, pop-up exhibitions and an extensive social networking campaign.

All initiated, organized, A&R’ed and executed by Tings Art


Open Table at Tings Kathmandu

Gianni Denitto on sax vs Gianni Denitto vs DJ Jordane Hzh.

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