Aditya Aryal featured on Art Radar

Art Rada features contemporary art from Nepal

In the era of transculturalism, young artists are challenging the game of contemporary art in Nepal.

Aditya Aryal, Shishir Pradhan and Irina Giri are three emerging Nepalese artists working with global exchange and local references. Art Radar spoke to the artists and looks at their current works.


Aditya Aryal and his series “Bardo”

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In his portfolio, Kathmandu-based artist Aditya Aryal examines different perspectives on diverse and often subliminal realities.

Those Dionysian visions can find their materialisation as portraits, characters and calligraphy in different media and contexts. The artist, coming from a street art background, nowadays works as much on canvas and found objects as on the walls of urban spaces.

Aditya Aryal has exhibited his works locally within Nepal and globally in galleries in New York, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lisbon, London and Nantes.

Read: 3 emerging Nepalese artists to watch, Art Radar 11 April 2018

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