Prasad – the manifestation of a generation


Prasad – The Maifistation of a Generation

The artists had 100% artistic freedom.

But  we had 100% strategic and execution freedom. Not because we wanted to rule – but because we wanted to the you artists how how to conceptualize, plan and execute a good idea.

Prasad@Tings was the first art project in Nepal that with a  social media strategy that was set-up and managed by Tings Art.

The opening at Tings Kathmandu was covered by all TV broadcasters, all dailies, all magazines and reached several international Street Art media. The hhuge sales wen – as always – directly to all the artists.


Prasad@Tings is still the biggest artist-run project in Nepal. And the project that once and for all established Tings Kathmand as the hub for young contemporary art.  See the documentation here.

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