‘Exodos’ – The Creatan collection. New works from Bacco Artolini.


New amazing works by Bacco Artolini

After Bacco Artolini’s successful pop-up exhibition at Ting Lisbon: Creation & Compulsion in February 2016 he went to Crete in Greece to continue his work.

Bacco Artolini calls his new collection: Exodos: The Creatan Collection

Board: Icarus

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Bacco Artolini recommends you to read the legends before seeing his art

I didn’t (of course).

I thought I remembered everything from my lectures in Greek Mythology back in high school. Instead I jumped straight to each of the pieces and ‘took’ them ‘in’ one by one.

I really enjoyed what I saw – and got curious. But I had to admit that whatever my professor in high school taught me about Minotaur and his two fellow Gods Icarus, Aphrodite must have vanished in Himalaya’s thin air…

So I went back to the three articles on Bacco Artolini’s blog (links to each of them above)





After refreshing my memory – and getting lost on the world wide web because one story took the other – I went back to his new works and saw them again.

Bacco was right – it’s definitely worth the time to know the stories behind the main characters in his Creatan collection.



Thomas Tingstrup,
Tings Kathmandu 18th October 2016



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