From Tings Kathmandu to Giv Lowe in Lisbon Bardo II by SadhuX

Bardo II by SadhuX (aka Aditya Aryal) opens in Lisbon next week

Bardo vol II 2

Part of our work with our Tings Hotels is to support talent. Especially within art and culture that means a lot to us.

In our 8 years in Kathmandu we have been so fortunate and privileged to having worked with some of the most talented young artists.

One of them is Aditya Aryal whom we met for the first time when he was part of NONAMENOTHEMEJUSTART group exhibition at Tings Kathmandu  back in 2012.

Since then we have worked with Aditya Aryal on several projects in Kathmandu and in Europe.

Bardo Talks.jpg

Bardo talks: Annette with Aditya in his studio in Kathmandu

In March this year we opened Bardo by Aditya Aryal at Tings Kathmandu.

We have encouraged Aditya Aryal to take some time off and focus on works for an international exhibition for a very long time. So imagine the pleasure it was to see the fantastic Bardo paintings on our walls in Tings Kathmandu. And how happy we became when we heard the news about Aditya Aryal’s exhibition at Giv Lowe in Lisbon.

The show will open next week – but already now you can go by the gallery and see the progress. The works are amazing and definitely worth a visit!

We will post updates.

Thomas & Annette

PS: We are currently planning our exhibitions at Tings Lisbon. Follow us (#Tingslisbon) on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram or +G for updates

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