Bardo By Aditya Aryal 10:03:2017 at Tings Kathmandu




Looking through kaleidoscopes. Seeing realities. Passing a vision.

Bardo is drawing connections. Pictorial lines between theoretical and seemingly disparate opposites.

Existence vs Beyond, Local vs Global & Traditional vs Contemporary.

Connections becoming visionary hybridizations.


With Bardo Aditya re-interprets the Buddhist concept of the transitional state between two lives on earth as a time-related idea of letting go and a spiritual connection to one’s mind.

In his Bardo paintings Aditya Aryal is questioning not only his position in relation to those essential binaries, but also the constellations of contemporary Nepali society.

Through a connective web of Tibetan imagery and references to Thanka tradutuibs combined with Western influences in technique and composition, the artist contributes an alternate vision of reality represented in his idea of Bardo.


Grand Opening on 10:03:2017 at Tings Kathmandu

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